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Michael founded RMT in 1980 with a desire to provide active advice to his small but successful client base.

He brings to RMT a depth of experience gained through more than 37 years as a hands-on practitioner to entrepreneurial clients in a wide variety of industries. He has extensive experience in tax planning and negotiating with tax authorities, and has lectured extensively on income tax planning. Michael has mentored and provided advisory services to clients for major business decisions, financial planning, strategy development and estate planning. He has also served as a director for multiple public companies and as a board member in the not-for-profit area.

A law graduate of McGill University, Michael decided to pursue a career in tax as a Chartered Accountant. He had learned to play chess at age 9 and developed a lifelong passion for the game, playing at a high level in university. It was the planning and tactics of the game that initially intrigued him and that later led to a career in law and accounting, becoming the foundation for his strong strategic thinking in tax, business and finance.
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