RMT Clients Are Speaking Up

OCTOBER 3, 2017

We have been overwhelmed with the thoughtful responses our clients have prepared in response to the Liberal governments attack on entrepreneurs and will be releasing a series of those responses in the coming weeks.  Here is an example of a letter written to our clients MP and the Minister of Finance:

Dear Minister Morneau,

I’ve been a committed Liberal for a long time, worked for Carolyn Bennett during elections for the two decades I lived in St. Paul’s riding, and I'm a monthly Liberal Party financial supporter.

I’m writing to add my voice of concern and consternation about your quest to seemingly want to undo a tax system that has supported and incented successful Canadian small business entrepreneurs like me. 

In 1989 when I was 48 years old I started my own custom publishing business.

Over twenty-five years that small business grew successfully into a profitable marketing communications agency and ended up employing 140 people.  Over the intervening years, I was rewarded for my early and ongoing risk with dividends and smart tax saving strategies.  It made the challenge and quest worthwhile.

I was also proud that hundreds of Canadians besides myself benefited financially through employment at my company —and how millions of payroll dollars paid by our income tax dollars that enriched our economy, along with all the corporate taxes that my company paid. Definitely a win-win for our country and lots of middle class Canadians.

I have no problem if my/your Government eliminates tax loopholes and imposes hard-fisted treatment on tax cheats.   However, I think it’s grossly unfair  nd completely misguided for this Liberal government to supposedly fix or dismantle a small business taxation system that’s not fundamentally broken.

I remain a strong Liberal and I’m very pleased with your Government’s record to date.  Please don’t screw it up.